University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Bachelor of Arts  |  Architecture & Geography

Specialization in Urban Studies



University of Illinois

Master of Arts  |  Urban and Regional Planning

Specialization in Economic Development






City of Kennewick, Washington

Economic Development Manager

2018 – Present


  • Support and maintain the City’s relationship with businesses of all sizes throughout the City’s key areas of commerce
  • Work across all City departments to sustain and improve working relationships with developers, business owners, and residents
  • Execute the City’s Economic Development Strategy, and counsel elected officials on initiatives to support the City’s business climate
  • Attract and retain businesses; encourage entrepreneurial success

City of Richland, Washington

Redevelopment Project Manager

2016 – 2018


  • Liaison to Business Improvement Districts and Treasurer of the Columbia Point Master’s Association
  • Counselor and advocate for Richland’s Ask Richland Business series, focusing on planning, starting, operating, and expanding small businesses
  • Point of contact for small business programs, redevelopment grant programs, and collaborative funding for business development initiatives





Community Planning Resources


2016 – Present (inactive)


  • Joint collaboration developed for University of Illinois entrepreneurship program to consult with local governments, businesses, and non-profits in the execution of private/public development partnerships
  • Service primarily to small businesses to develop programs to incentivize private support for public programs, such as public bike shares, co-working spaces, and wellness programs

City of Urbana, Illinois

Economic Development Specialist

2014 – 2015


  • Administer the City’s Business Grants, Tax Increment Financing Grants, and Enterprise Zone
  • Liaison to business community, responsible for providing information on City programs and initiatives
  • Advocate for interdepartmental small business initiatives
  • Provide analytical mapping to substantiate cases for property tax assessments and abatements




N•Focus Planning & Design

Planner III

2013 – 2014


  • Planning, Zoning, and Subdivision Administrator in multiple North Carolina Municipalities; including: Town of Rockwell, Town of Midland (Deputy), and Town of Marshville (Interim)
  • Special Projects Coordinator to over 40 client municipalities, counties, and regional agencies. Experience in small area plan design and implementation, analytical GIS mapping analyses, and comprehensive municipal and infrastructural plans
  • GIS administrator to client municipalities

Plexus Marketing Group

Marketing Consultant

2011 – 2016


  • Analyze market satisfaction with client’s products and services, focusing on customer retention and growth
  • Identify partners, product viability, and location based marketing analyses
  • Categorize potential customers and respective buying authority to expand product sales


Professional and Technical Qualifications


Professional Certifications and Skills

  • North Carolina School of Government certification in zoning and planning practice
  • North Carolina Municipal Floodplain Administrator, North Carolina Department of Public Safety
  • More than five years combined experience in community planning, economic development, and zoning



  • Experience with ArcGIS Desktop & Server, QGIS, Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office Suite, SPSS, AutoCAD, Vectorworks, Rhinoceros 3D, Grasshopper Parametric Design, Google/Trimble SketchUp, and Climate Consultant
  • Particular emphasis in analytical mapping and graphic presentation of statistical analyses



  • Trained and experienced with the operation of digital fabrication equipment including Universal Laser Systems VLS 6.60 and ILS 12.150 (and) CNC Routing and Milling Equipment, with knowledge of machinery operation, and building/programming open source CNC equipment