community advocate.
small business promoter.


Miles serves as the Redevelopment Project Manager for the City of Richland Washington, and spends his time on and off the clock to support small business enrichment. From a family of entrepreneurs; Miles observed the complexity of starting, growing, and maintaining a small business through an ever changing socioeconomic climate.

Inspired by the impacts of small businesses and their interaction with the local community, Miles curated his diverse skillset with a bachelor’s degree in Architecture from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, and a Masters of Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Illinois. His continued business development efforts focus in bringing public/private partnerships to fruition, building strong community and business ties, and working to augment public policy that inspires entrepreneurship.


Miles has a passion for…

Small Business Development

Miles enjoys working with all types of small businesses to find solutions that work for their market, specialization, and needs. His primary focus is enabling businesses to start and grow by creating actionable strategies out of their ideas.

Business Retention and Expansion

Small businesses are the backbone of downtowns, and the reason that all towns are able to thrive and grow. It is key to have experience in developing strategies to rebuild, retain, and expand local businesses; pulling from many avenues to secure funding and market share.


Building small businesses begins and ends with entrepreneurship; and the startup community is the nucleus of innovation and problem solving. Miles’ entrepreneurial experience is rooted in assisting entrepreneurs navigate bureaucracy, and developing solutions that cut down time spent on red-tape.

Small Business Ecosystem

Miles’ mission personally and professionally is to support innovative and passionate ideas that promote an entrepreneurial spirit.